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Base64 Decode.

base64Decode.co is a web based online tool for decoding of the encoded data(base64).This easy tool decode your data From MIME(Multipurpose Internet Mail Extenstion) base64 to simple text which is a human readable form of data.you can decode the encoded data whether it is a URL which is encoded in base64, or your simple text data. Base64 is data encoding Algorithum which can convert any Chrachter to an Alphabet which contains digits,charcter and slash also.Initally it was named as "Printable encoding" But after couple of years In June 1992 RFC 1341 named this "Base64" because it uses Basic 64 Chracters.Base64 Algorithum is very simple effecint and portable Algorithum as compared to other encoding Algorithum like text-to-binary etc.Base64 is mostly used to encode binarydata for example(images,documents,sound files etc.) to embed in HTML,CSS and others.Base64 is used where unsupported and Undamaged transfer require.

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